The high performance Thorwaldson Rooftop Whole House Fan offers the highest air flow in history using just one 1/2 HP motor by US Motors and a very effective 8 bladed propeller by the largest blade manufacturer in the world, Multi-Wing. The motor is an EC (electronically commutated) brushless DC motor that offers the best efficiency in history. It takes 505 watts maximum at 120 VAC 1 Phase and drops to under 50 watts at low speed. Speed is controlled by a dial that looks like a light dimmer.


On top of the roof is the Invisco Tornado rooftop ventilator rain proof top. On the bottom of this assembly is a butterfly damper from FAMCO in Idaho.


Included with every rooftop is an option to have an attractive surround for the roof to hide the black turbine rain hat. Also included is a custom hall or kitchen cabinet to hide the fan body and damper. The rooftop surround can be brick or stucco in any color to match your taste. Same for the cabinet. The rooftop surround is 30 inches square and can be any height up to 24 inches. Only 10 inches is needed to hide the turbine. The cabinet is 22 inches by 22 inches and can be any height you like to hide the fan housing. If you have cabinets and would like your fan enclosed in the same style, let me know. Kurt@invisco.com